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GSW LogoOur organization was formed to restore the patina on the 24 year old Gandhi statue in Waikiki and create an environment that promotes awareness of the statue, provides a place of beauty and serenity for the community and visitors and empowers people with Gandhi’s message of peace, love, unity and the resistance to tyranny all over the world.







Cherylle Morrow – President

9835_210154099157888_909837694_nCherylle Morrow is the former program director of the nonprofit Hawaii Women’s Business Center. For over ten years, Morrow was the program director and business development specialist with the Hawaii Women’s Business Center. She was responsible for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) program. Cherylle is currently President of Chez Morrow International LLC, a business and accounting consulting service. She has received numerous State and local awards for her advocacy of small business and women-owned businesses.



Kim Duffett – Project Manager

Kim DuffettA long time resident of Honolulu, Kim was born in Akron, Ohio from an artist mother and scientist father. These two inclinations have followed Duffett his entire life and have colored all his explorations into the creative process. He began sculpting in wood at age six and worked summers in a small, private bronze foundry while still in high school. After graduating, he went to Kenya which gave him the opportunity to study with local African wood carvers. During the next four years he traveled, worked and studied in North Africa and Europe where he gained respect and awe for the power and influence of art and artists in daily life. Every public square had its sculpture, every street its fresco or bas relief. He began to grasp how art in these cultures is a living legacy that can inspire generations.

On his return to the States, Duffett lived in California and Washington State before moving to Hawaii in 1979. A three year sailing voyage in the South Pacific in ’82 brought him in contact with carvers in Fiji, Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea, artistic traditions that continue to inspire him to this day. Once back in Hawai’i, work in construction supported his family and his art but the decision to dedicate his full time to sculpture came in 1991 after Kaha_completing “Punahou” a fountain for The Courtyards at Punahou, a luxury condominium in Honolulu. Over the years he has done numerous commissions for private, commercial and public settings and taught in elementary schools through the SFCA/DOE Artist in Residence program. He has also done art restoration and patina work professionally.

Duffett is best known for his twice life size work, “Kaha ka ‘Io me na Makani”, the three, iconic, hula kahiko dancers fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Kim also designed and supervised the building of the Spark M. Matsunaga International Children’s Garden for Peace at Storybook Theatre of Hawaii in Hanapepe, Kauai in collaboration with renowned architect, Kevin Chun. It contains his larger than life sculpture of Spark, a true warrior of Peace, walking through the garden sharing his insight with a young girl. Kim’s interest in peace and the Aina have infused all of his work. More of his art can be seen at http://www.kimduffett.com and http://corporateartconsultant.com/artists/kim-duffet/



ADELA CHU – Treasurer

Adele ChuInternationally known dancer, choreographer, linguist, musician, actress and composer, Adela Chu was born in the tiny city of Colon in the Republic of Panama. She came to the United States to get a BA in English from Pomona College, ending up with a Masters in Spanish Literature from the University of Hawaii in Manoa.

Adela is best known as the founder of the San Francisco Carnaval in the Mission District where she resided for ten years. She also produced the primary dance and float contingent for seven years of First Night parades in Honolulu.

Adela believes in creating and perpetuating events that foster community. She and her band, Espiritu Libre, have produced Day of the Dead events every year for the last fifteen years in Honolulu. Dia de los Muertos is an old Mayan tradition in which our friends and family who have passed on are revered and remembered in joyous celebration.

One morning she awoke disturbed by so many violent conflicts erupting across the globe and wrote her song, “Sing! For Peace”, which is featured on a video filmed during the 2013 Martin Luther King Parade in Honolulu. “I was tired of all the violence in the world. We need drums of Peace not War.”

After a lifetime of performing and teaching internationally, she moved to Hawaii in 1984. She taught Spanish for twelve years at Mid Pacific, dance for over twenty years through UH Manoa and performed with variations of her Latin Jazz band since 1988. Adela also works as an interpreter and translator of Spanish, French and Portuguese.


MARSHA ROSE JOYNER – Public Relations

Marsha JoynerMarsha is a Peace Leader awardee who is being honored at this year’s 70th anniversary of the United Nations.  Along with a dedicated group of African-American residents in Honolulu, she established the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition-Hawaii in 1991. The coalition is a non-profit organization, which sponsors many community service events to carry on Dr. King’s principles of social justice and peace for all peoples. In addition, Ms. Joyner has been commended for her work as an organizer of numerous civic commemorations of peace, diversity and non-nuclear proliferation.   Marsha Joyner’s name is engraved on the “Wall of Tolerance” at the Civil Rights Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

“ Energetic, imaginative, and creative, Marsha Rose Joyner is a combination of activist, visionary, entrepreneur, and “tree-hugger”. H.B. Jones

Wife, mother, grandmother and cancer survivor, she once said, ” I see my role in life as a grain of sand. To make a truly beautiful pearl there must be a grain of sand in the oyster. To make a truly beautiful world . . . there must be people like me . . . the irritants that keep everything growing.”


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